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Welcome to Psychic Flare, your leading source of information for all things psychic and spiritual.

Initially founded by Ruth Wagner, Psychic Flare is backed by a team of professional spiritual advisors. We share content threaded with the essence of love and learning.

Our goal is to develop a blog site that offers people answers to their most pressing questions related to the natural, the metaphysical, and the esoteric. We hope to assist individuals from all walks of life to tap into their innate gifts to have deeper, richer lives.

We aspire to guide people in their journey towards self-enlightenment and self-empowerment through our insightful collection of articles from love, relationships, destiny, and life path directions to astrology, tarot, and dream interpretation.

Our team is comprised of some of the best spiritual advisors who have been studying and exploring their craft for years, which enables them to provide people with guidance, support, and empowerment through their writings.

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Meet the Psychic Flare Team

RUTH WAGNER (RUTH WAGNERPsychic Advisor, Founder)

Since she was nine, Ruth was aware that she possesses a unique psychic ability. She can see not only visions and premonitions, but she can also hear the voices of loved ones on the other side, as well as Angels and Spirit Guides. After earning a master’s degree in qualitative psychology, she offered lectures and private consultations in the field of psychic studies and mediumship.



Soulmate Expert

Kimberly is a clairvoyant and a palm reader that has been doing soulmate readings for over 15 years. Her familiarity with soulmate connections allows her to help people find their soulmate. Kimberly is also a reiki master, certified tarot reader, and psychic medium.



Tarot Reader

Growing in a family of tarot readers, Jessica used to see the tarot as a card game. Now, she has been providing in-person and online tarot readings for over 25 years. Her psychic abilities, together with her knowledge about Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, allows her to provide in-depth and informative readings to her clients.



Spiritual Advisor

Lisa inherited her psychic abilities from her grandmother. Since childhood, she could foretell the future and recall events of the past. Her natural intuition and psychic abilities have helped, guided, and directed thousands of people around the world.



Dream Interpreter

Tania is a student of all things spiritual and has a life-long goal of enhancing her psychic abilities. Her area of specialization is dream analysis. For 12 years, she has been helping people find out what their dreams mean and align them to their true destiny.



Twin Flame Expert

Pauline dedicates most of her time in meditating and helping others with their twin flame issues. She can help twin flames reunite and help remove energetic blockages that hinder them from having a healthy relationship.



Love Consultant

With 15 years of experience, Stacy is a gifted spiritual reader that specializes in love and relationship. She can provide detailed insights about a person’s love life, help them reconnect with their significant other, and answer any question about love. Her expertise is discerning aspects of a person’s past, present, and future when it comes to their love and career choices.




Monica is an energy healer, spiritual reader, and life coach. She has an innate psychic ability that allows her to see visions about the future. This encouraged her to delve into astrology. For over 17 years, she has been providing detailed astrological predictions about love, relationship, career, and health.