7 Crown Chakra Opening Symptoms – What Does It Feel Like?

7 Crown Chakra Opening Symptoms - What Does It Feel Like_

Found in the early traditions of Hinduism, the concept of chakra pertains to the wheels of energy throughout our body that can only be seen, felt, and sensed with intuition. One of the seven main chakras is the crown chakra, which is responsible for thought, wisdom, and connection to the Divine. When your crown chakra … Read more

Christian Psychic Medium – How to Find the Right One

Christian Psychic Medium - How to Find the Right One

Individuals that can use perception and reception to communicate with the deceased and tune into the energy field of higher spiritual beings are called psychic mediums. There are psychic mediums who believe that their psychic abilities are a gift from God, and they’re referred to as Christian psychic mediums. To find the right Christian psychic … Read more

Can Soul Ties Be One-Sided? And What To Do If They Are

Can Soul Ties Be One Sided And What To Do If They Are

There’s a belief that a deep emotional and spiritual bond is formed between two people, usually after sharing physical intimacy, and this bond is called a soul tie. This type of bond is powerful, and it can affect a person’s overall well-being. Since a soul tie is a spiritual connection between two people, it can … Read more

How to Cleanse a House of Spirits: A-to-Z Guide

Human beings are exposed to spiritual energies that have positive and negative influences. At times, negative energies linger in people’s houses. One should cleanse these negative energies or spirits because, when left as is, can utterly affect the inhabitants’ body, mind, and soul. To free a house from spirits or negative energies, one must do … Read more

Signs from Deceased Pets

Pets are mankind’s greatest companions; therefore, losing them can be very devastating. Sometimes deceased pets send a message after crossing over the brief divide, so one should be open to receiving signs from them. A beloved deceased pet appearing in dreams is a common sign that they’re trying to communicate with their owner. Other signs … Read more

What is Karmic Debt and How to Clear It – Five Easy Ways

Every volitional thought, word, and deed made by a person, whether good or bad, travels with them from one lifetime to the next. The soul goes on a spiritual journey and, along the way, makes memories. These memories constitute the karmic debt. Karmic debt is the burden people carry as a result of the mistakes … Read more

How to Cleanse a House Without Sage: A-to-Z Guide

Spaces that hold unwanted negative energies must be cleansed. The most commonly used method is the sage cleansing method. However, there are also other ways to remove the most virulent energies that are just as effective. There are other methods for deep spiritual cleansing without the use of sage. These methods include the feng shui … Read more