What is Karmic Debt and How to Clear It – Five Easy Ways

Every volitional thought, word, and deed made by a person, whether good or bad, travels with them from one lifetime to the next. The soul goes on a spiritual journey and, along the way, makes memories. These memories constitute the karmic debt. Karmic debt is the burden people carry as a result of the mistakes … Read more

Psychic Sensitivity – How ‘Psychic’ Are You?

Human beings are inherently sensitive to the energies around them regardless of whether they are aware of it or not. One of the types of energy all individuals possess is called psychic energy. How ‘psychic’ a person is will depend on their level of sensitivity to the energy they receive. There exists a psychic sensitivity … Read more

How to Cleanse a House Without Sage: A-to-Z Guide

Spaces that hold unwanted negative energies must be cleansed. The most commonly used method is the sage cleansing method. However, there are also other ways to remove the most virulent energies that are just as effective. There are other methods for deep spiritual cleansing without the use of sage. These methods include the feng shui … Read more